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Hi all, thanks for stopping by. My name is Karrie and I am a photographer based out of Oakville, Ontario. I specialize in weddings and engagements, but I am available for pretty much any work you can think of. Just email me with the details and I will send you a quote. To view my porfolio, click on the Pages button above. Feel free to email or comment with any questions you might have.


Angela & Adam | Married!

These photos are from waaaay back in August, but I didn’t want to forget the chance I had to Second Shoot with an amazing photographer, Lisa Kwan of Lisa Kwan Images. Not only is Lisa a great person and an talented photographer, she gushed about how lovely the couple getting married were and the beautiful location they chose. How could I say no?

Here are a few of my shots. To see Lisa’s coverage, check out her site!

Angela & Adam

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Angela & Adam | Second Shooter

Thanks Lisa for asking me to second shoot for you, and thanks to Angela and Adam for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

~ K.

Baby N

Sorry again, it’s been a while! Life has been pretty crazy the past few months, to say the least. My husband and I bought a house (finally) and I’ve signed up to do some correspondence courses in my free time, so most of my mental and physical energy has been going into those things. But, [...]

There’s no denying it…

fall leaf 08

Well folks, it’s official. It can’t be denied any longer. Nope, no way around it… It’s definitely Fall! I know Fall officially started about a week ago now, but I like to ignore official timelines as long as possible when the approach of cold weather is at hand. But now that it’s October 1st (holy [...]

Caitlin & Dylan | Anytime Session

Sorry it’s been a while… again! Clearly I need to get my act together :) Anyways, I have some photos to share from this past August. I did a session with my good friends, Dylan and Caitlin. We tried to schedule this session a few times but things kept getting in the way. Finally we [...]

Doors Open Toronto

I know I’ve been a bad blogger lately… I’m sorry!!! In an effort to catch up I’ll do a few new postings over the next couple weeks. Here are some of the photos I took waaaay back in May during the Doors Open event in Toronto. (On that note, wow summer is going by fast! [...]

The Adirondacks


This past long weekend (Victoria Day in Canada) my husband and I went to the Adirondacks to go hiking. We did the same last year with a couple of friends and had a blast hiking and hanging out. It seemed like a nice tradition so we decided to try and do it each May long [...]

Clara & Montana | Family Portraits


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting a family portrait session with Clara and her daughter Montana. Clara and I used to work together a few years ago. It was fun catching up and hearing the latest news of my old workplace.  This was the first family portraits I have done, so [...]

Bethany & Chris | Engaged


I have known Bethany since my last year in high school. I actually knew her mom first, as she was my 12th grade English teacher. Bethany and I bonded instantly in the next year’s English class. After graduation I went to university in Toronto and Bethany went to Guelph for Veterinary Sciences. But her love [...]

In honour of today’s weather…


I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are, but right now I’m looking out the window and watching snow fall in huge fluffy flakes. There is always a snow fall in April, sometimes even in May. But even though it’s not surprising, it sure is crappy! Yesterday the husband and I went [...]


Hi everyone! If you sent me an email in the last few days and I haven’t gotten back to you, please email me again. When I switched over my domain name on Tuesday it messed with my email too, so I haven’t received anything in my inbox since then. This also applies to any contact [...]